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Fixing Wide Angle Distortion

One of the biggest problems with shooting with wide angle lenses is the distortion. They are so wide that it distorts the geometry of the whole scene. When shooting nature it isn’t a big deal because there aren’t many defined … Continue reading

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Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe’s Creative Cloud has been something that has been on my radar since it came out, although I never had a need for it until now. Over the weekend I went ahead and purchased the year-long subscription, as I am … Continue reading

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A Drastic Change

My Dad asked me to post process this image that he got of the FDNY fire boat. He was shooting with a wide angle lens as we passed by the boat, which gave his shots a different flare than mine … Continue reading

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Wacom …. Power & Command

I got a bunch of questions at my recent post-processing presentation about my Wacom tablet. I thought I would do a little blog post about their products. I own a Wacom Intuos 4 medium tablet. It works great for my … Continue reading

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A Magicians Act

The two shots presented in this blog post are in fact the same shots. The top one is what came straight out of the camera, and the bottom one is the optimized version after going through ACR, CS6, and Nik … Continue reading

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Time Flies

First off, I’m sorry if anybody trying to view my website/blog earlier today was unable to. Bluehost (our web-hosting service) apparently had maintenance problems that caused nearly all of there sites to go down for many hours. Anyways, it’s up … Continue reading

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Make it Mean Looking

With aviation photography, it is all about the feeling the viewer gets about the plane that really tells whether or not you have told the story correctly. The Pitts S-2C is one aggressive plane. I have been fortunate enough to … Continue reading

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NEW Photoshop Workshops

How do you turn this …. Into this? This question, and any other questions you may have will be answered when you sign up for a J Lounsbury Photography personalized Photoshop workshop. We are offering both individual and group workshops, … Continue reading

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Post Processing in Under 2 Minutes

I like to be in and out of Photoshop as quickly as possible. This ensures I have an efficient workflow and have time left to get back behind the camera! I try and get the image as close to perfect … Continue reading

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Moving the Eye Through the Frame

This is the single most important aspect of visual storytelling. The image above showcases a very tiny house in relation to the mountain. It is also the subject that the eye locks onto, even though it makes up less than … Continue reading

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