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Fall Isn’t Just for Landscapes

Fall can be a great time for bird photography. The berries are just starting to ripen, and the birds are hitting them hard. The backgrounds that you can put with these scenes are spectacular! I have a stand of dogwood … Continue reading

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A Disappointing Fall

The Fall colors this year have been extremely dull. I’m not sure why, since it was predicted to be a very vibrant Fall. I have still been finding images to make though. This was taken this morning at a stream … Continue reading

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Fall Blurs

Fall is a great time of the year. The smell of the crisp leaves, apple pie, and football! Oh did I forget photography? Yeah it is, in my opinion, the best time of the year for landscapes. One of my … Continue reading

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Sunset + Fall Colors = Something Spectacular

The majority of the day was cloudy, but the sun burnt through just in time for sunset. Once I saw it, I knew I had to get down to the swamp. I jumped on my bike and got down there … Continue reading

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A Simple Click on the Forest Floor

I took a walk up into our woods to see what I could photograph. The fall colors are pretty much flat now, with some trees being bare. I brought just one lens, the 12-24mm f/4 and my Nikon D7000 along … Continue reading

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Will I Ever Get to Re-create This?

This crappy weather has kept me inside all day. I spoke at the Ridgefield Men’s Club today and had a blast! I had a great audience, which always makes it easier on the speaker! Now I can focus more on … Continue reading

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Rest of Kent Clicks

I dropped the ball on posting the rest of my Kent clicks. I apologize for that, but here they are! We also visited Kent Falls which is one of my favorite places to take pictures. There are always so many … Continue reading

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What A Day!

I took a ride up to Kent, CT. with my family to photograph the fall foliage. Although the foliage was less than spectacular, the skies were amazing! You could’ve put a garbage can in front of them and it would … Continue reading

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It’s All in the Sublety’s

I finished up processing the photos from my shoot yesterday and really enjoy the ones that did make it to the digital darkroom. Now, those cloudy skies were great for enhancing the fall colors, but absolutely sucked for a good … Continue reading

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The Power of f/1.4!

With the fall colors just beginning to show at the swamp, and cloudy skies today, I thought I would try and get the creative juices flowing and take some shots with the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4. This lens is certainly a … Continue reading

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