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Portraying a Feeling

As a photographer, it is my job to bring the scene, and all of the feelings that go with it in real life, to the viewer of the image. It is a mixture of composition, light use, and post processing. … Continue reading

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The Last Post

Of the year of course. It’s amazing how quick time flies. But, it is time to welcome in the New Year! 2012 brought some great images and some great experiences from those images. My favorite moment has to be my … Continue reading

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Zeroing In

One thing that always gets landscape photographers is whether to shoot wide or go in close. ┬áIt’s most tempting to shoot wide with a wide angle lens on, but it is sometimes more pleasing to go in closer and exclude … Continue reading

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Much Better

You didn’t think I’d except defeat, did you? That’s a big no-no in my photography. You fail, you better find a way to succeed! Well, I had the shot that I wanted envisioned in my mind. I knew the place … Continue reading

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You Know it When You Fail

I usually know that the image isn’t going to work right when I walk up onto the scene. I was hoping for the best, but got the worst. I made my way down to this stream, which is pretty painful … Continue reading

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Small Scenes Make Big Images

All it takes is one small scene and you can have a great day! On the way home on the bus, I noticed how icy the sides of this small stream got. I knew I needed to get some pictures. … Continue reading

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My New Baby

I just received my brand new Gitzo 3541LS Systematic Carbon Fiber Tripod and the Induro BHD2 ballhead. Thy are both sweet pieces of equipment, and I couldn’t stand seeing them sit in my room. I had to field test them. … Continue reading

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Stonehendge Waterfall

The morning of the big snowstorm, I went to the waterfall near Stonehendge in Ridgefield, CT. with my Grandpa. I had a blast and recorded some nice images. I love photographing moving water, as there is just so many possibilities! … Continue reading

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Winters Fury

Last nights rain storm dumped a ton of rain. The storm shut down schools, streets, and caused numerous people to be rescued from their water bound cars. My Dad, Brother, and I went for a drive around to Danbury to … Continue reading

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Birding at Tarrywile Park

My Dad and I went birding at Tarrywile Park today. It has always been a favorite birding spot of mine, especially after snowstorms, and it didn’t disappoint today! We got down to the field directly in front of the red … Continue reading

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