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Time Flies

First off, I’m sorry if anybody trying to view my website/blog earlier today was unable to. Bluehost (our web-hosting service) apparently had maintenance problems that caused nearly all of there sites to go down for many hours. Anyways, it’s up … Continue reading

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The Pier

Folly Beach has the second longest pier on the East Coast, extending more than 1,045 feet into the ocean. It is an awesome structure to photograph, although it is tough to get good colors at sunrise and sunset. The sun … Continue reading

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The Sweet Spot

Every lens out there has a sweet spot, which refers to the aperture at which the lens produces the sharpest image. It is all about finding that sweet spot and applying it. The sweet spot of the Nikkor 70-300mm which … Continue reading

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Not Just A Bird on a Stick

A hate nothing more than an image of a bird on a stick. I try and avoid that photograph by all accounts, and include behavior or environment to tell the story of the bird. This Yellow-bellied Sapsucker sat in this … Continue reading

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It’s A Day By Day Process

When the photography is bad, do you know what I do? Well it usually doesn’t mean go out and take pictures just to take them. I usually find myself sitting in front of my images from the past months studying … Continue reading

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Stonehendge Waterfall

The morning of the big snowstorm, I went to the waterfall near Stonehendge in Ridgefield, CT. with my Grandpa. I had a blast and recorded some nice images. I love photographing moving water, as there is just so many possibilities! … Continue reading

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The Rare October Snowstorm

The rare October Snowstorm left thousands without power. I was out of power for 120+ hours. Of course that meant school got cancelled, so I had a lot of time on my hands. It was probably the most boring week … Continue reading

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A Simple Click on the Forest Floor

I took a walk up into our woods to see what I could photograph. The fall colors are pretty much flat now, with some trees being bare. I brought just one lens, the 12-24mm f/4 and my Nikon D7000 along … Continue reading

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A Full Restoration

With my favorite time for bird photography (winter) right around the corner, I have been spending a lot of time reviewing old images and even re-working a few. The image of a Spotted Sandpiper shown above was certainly run-down. The … Continue reading

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Review Your Images … Learn From Your Mistakes

Photography is a constant learning experience, and if you can’t learn from your mistakes, you don’t achieve the images you would like to capture. I make mistakes every so often, and I find it important to learn from them to … Continue reading

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