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Shorebirds Alas!

The first Piping Plover of the year was spotted just a few days ago! The shorebird nesting season is my absolute favorite thing to photograph. Once April hits, I will be down on the shore filling up the cards! Even … Continue reading

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Knowing the Difference

Wildlife Photography is as much a biological game as it is photography. Birds of different ages respond differently to human interaction. Let’s take shorebirds for an example. The juveniles are much less skittish than the adults are simply because they … Continue reading

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Wet Sand

The title pretty much sums up what I was covered in at the end of my trip to Milford Point. With the tide receding, I was constantly having to crawl through wet sand to get up close to the birds. … Continue reading

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Astronomical Tides!

If you are looking for some good shorebird photography, the time is this coming Friday. On August 31st, the Moon will be full which means the tides will be at their greatest and lowest point. In my opinion, Milford Point … Continue reading

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Workshop Success

I had 13 photographers attend my Shorebird Workshop yesterday evening. We were all able to make some pretty good images, despite the gale force winds and lack of birds. What birds there were, provided us incredible opportunities. When we got … Continue reading

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The Wide Picture

I’m always looking for new ways to tell the story of the lives of shorebirds. They are by far my favorite critter to photograph, and also the most challenging. Sure, I like to get that tight, full frame image of … Continue reading

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What an Evening!

I took a trip down to Milford Point yesterday evening to freshen up on my skills for my Shorebird Photography Workshop coming up in 2 weeks. The tide and sunset coincided perfectly. When you are photographing shorebirds you want to … Continue reading

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The Beginning

Up until 2010, photography was just something I did with my free time. It was fun and relaxing. On August 14, 2010, I headed down to Stratford Point with my family to try and find the White-tailed Kite. Little did … Continue reading

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An Evening At the Shore

New Workshop: April 28th 4-8PM Join me for an evening of photographing shorebirds at Milford Point, a Connecticut birding hotspot. The program is free to attend, and will be a great learning experience. I will be teaching the group how … Continue reading

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Ready for Spring?

Are you ready for spring yet? I know I am! I’m beginning to go through my old shorebird files and see what worked and what didn’t work last year. My first visit to the shore was on April 3rd, and … Continue reading

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