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Wind Whipped

This shot was taken on one of our first nights on Folly. This tree is in the same general area as the other one I had photographed, but is easier to photograph at a higher tide. What made this shot … Continue reading

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Wild Clouds

Every once in a while we will get a storm that just brushes us, and it creates these wild looking clouds. With all of the twist and turns in them, it gives a sense of power and high winds. We … Continue reading

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Empire State Building

One of the greatest landmarks in the City is the Empire State Building. In this particular image, I was able to include the Chrysler Building in the frame as well to create an interesting juxtaposition. With those amazing puffy clouds, … Continue reading

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A Picture Perfect Day in NYC!

As I checked the weather for New York City on Monday, I was hoping for some awesome clouds to go along with the warm temps we would have for the Moose Peterson photo float around NYC. My wishes were granted … Continue reading

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Moving the Eye Through the Frame

This is the single most important aspect of visual storytelling. The image above showcases a very tiny house in relation to the mountain. It is also the subject that the eye locks onto, even though it makes up less than … Continue reading

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The Clouds Pop

The best skies are the ones that have depth. This one definitely does, with the thunderhead looming above and the puffs in the background. Look for these types of skies this weekend as the afternoon storms roll through. The trick … Continue reading

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Now These Are Storm Clouds!

While coming home from football practice, the skies turned black and I knew there was going to be some good photography! I ran upstairs to my room and grabbed my camera which didn’t have a ballhead plate on it, but … Continue reading

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Talk About Dodging the Bullet!

We had plans to go down to Long Beach to photograph the Least Terns. We got off our boat and checked the radar, and it didn’t look promising. When we got home, we checked the radar on a bigger screen … Continue reading

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Creating Visual Depth

Nothing is worse than capturing an image and having it look two dimensional on the computer. Landscapes should pop off the screen and make the viewer fell like they are standing right there. Well, how do you make an image … Continue reading

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Did Someone Say Drama?

Oh yes! Storms = Drama! I have been hoping to get a good thunderstorm for a while. Although we didn’t get hit directly today, one storm did cross the horizon line of the swamp down the road from my house. … Continue reading

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