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Wind Whipped

This shot was taken on one of our first nights on Folly. This tree is in the same general area as the other one I had photographed, but is easier to photograph at a higher tide. What made this shot … Continue reading

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A Great Trip

The reason why there was no activity on the blog for the past week was because the family and I were in Folly Beach, SC! What an awesome place it was, and made for a great vacation. I got tons … Continue reading

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Sunset + Fall Colors = Something Spectacular

The majority of the day was cloudy, but the sun burnt through just in time for sunset. Once I saw it, I knew I had to get down to the swamp. I jumped on my bike and got down there … Continue reading

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Moving the Eye Through the Frame

This is the single most important aspect of visual storytelling. The image above showcases a very tiny house in relation to the mountain. It is also the subject that the eye locks onto, even though it makes up less than … Continue reading

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Did Someone Say Drama?

Oh yes! Storms = Drama! I have been hoping to get a good thunderstorm for a while. Although we didn’t get hit directly today, one storm did cross the horizon line of the swamp down the road from my house. … Continue reading

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Clouds, the “Drama Queens”

Clouds are what give your photos drama, and without them, your photos tend to lay flat. I go crazy when I see those puffball clouds! Something about them just makes my trigger finger go crazy! The foreground in the photo … Continue reading

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