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Time Flies

First off, I’m sorry if anybody trying to view my website/blog earlier today was unable to. Bluehost (our web-hosting service) apparently had maintenance problems that caused nearly all of there sites to go down for many hours. Anyways, it’s up … Continue reading

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Blazing Quick!

I have been doing a lot of large processing jobs lately, where I have to process hundreds of images for a fairly quick turnaround. I previously had 4GB of RAM memory in my machine, and I was seeing that that … Continue reading

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The Sweet Spot

Every lens out there has a sweet spot, which refers to the aperture at which the lens produces the sharpest image. It is all about finding that sweet spot and applying it. The sweet spot of the Nikkor 70-300mm which … Continue reading

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Which Speedlight?

I own two different speed lights, the Nikon SB-900 & Nikon SB-800. The SB-900 is supposed to be a higher end flash, but it is not the best one I own in my opinion. I regularly carry the SB-800 in … Continue reading

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Lens Clens Products

I just received my package from Lens Clens in the mail today. I have to say that I am very happy with what I ordered, despite the $12 shipping cost for Ground shipping. I ordered Bottle #1 for cleaning the … Continue reading

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Finally Snow!

The snow is piling up, hiding the terrible browns! I love it when it snows, because photography hits another level. When it is really snowing hard, I sit in my blind and watch the birds visit my set-ups. When the … Continue reading

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Everyone Makes Mistakes…

In this case, it wasn’t me though. My Dad texted me in school saying that he had seen a Cooper’s Hawk right outside our dining room window. I was pretty excited to see the shots he got, but unfortunately, he … Continue reading

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My New Baby

I just received my brand new Gitzo 3541LS Systematic Carbon Fiber Tripod and the Induro BHD2 ballhead. Thy are both sweet pieces of equipment, and I couldn’t stand seeing them sit in my room. I had to field test them. … Continue reading

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A Day for the Books

As I exited school, I couldn’t help but notice the incredible clouds. I was hoping that they would be over the swamp, and sure enough, as I rode by on the bus, they were! I grabbed my camera and bike … Continue reading

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Speedlights As a Main Light Source

I have been experimenting with using speedlights as a main light source recently. I have failed my share fair of times, but really liked the results of this one. I did a set-up of my brother coming into a turn … Continue reading

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