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Upcoming Events Page

I have now added an “Upcoming Events” page on the far right of the black navigation bar located on the top of my blog page. It discusses all of my upcoming events, such as lectures, photo walks, and photo exhibits.

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Firehouse Photo Shoot

The camera club that I belong to was lucky enough to do a photo shoot at the Danbury Fire Department headquarters. The building has endless photographic opportunities. I shot everything from HDR to flash. I took over 340 photos; that … Continue reading

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Crocus With Flash

On Sunday I approached the newly opened Crocus’s with flash. My goal was to have the flash permit me to use a larger aperture value. The flash ended up allowing me to use f/13 with a shutter speed of 1/250.

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Tarrywile Park

I went to Tarrywile Park this afternoon to try and find some nesting Eastern Bluebirds. I did find one male that was gathering nesting material and depositing it in one of the many nest boxes. However, he was far off … Continue reading

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Woodpecker Heaven

I had some beautiful light at the Woodpecker Set-Up this morning! The sunlight was bouncing off of the window, and casting this amazing light on the log and tree. The pictures tell all. I also had a rough looking Downy … Continue reading

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Full Moon Star Trail

I normally don’t do star trails when the moon is full because it really lights up the surrounding trees. However, I decided to experiment a little bit last night since the Moon was so big looking. I like the results … Continue reading

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New Perch Comes Into Use

I recently added a new perch to my set-up called the “Bird Bench.” It is basically a thin log that is supported by to Y supports. The birds, especially the Sparrows, use this as a perch. I finally got a … Continue reading

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With the warm weather came the years first Crocus! It was bathed in some beautiful afternoon light, so it was a good excuse to use the 105mm Macro. I hope to approach this flower tomorrow with my Macro flashes as … Continue reading

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1 Lifer, 1 Year Bird

1 lifer, 1 year bird… not bad for a days worth of birding! I took a bike ride to the two swamps located near my house. The first one turned up a flock of Eastern Bluebirds, as it usually does. … Continue reading

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Landscapes with a Macro Lens

What?…… That’s exactly what I said! I was trying to work on my isolation skills today, so I pulled out the Nikkor 105mm Micro f2.8 VR lens and mounted it on my D7000. My planned destination to shoot at was … Continue reading

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