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The Least Tern Story

As I promised in my earlier post about these amazing creatures, I will do a post on their biology. Just a reminder if you didn’t see my previous blog post. Least Terns are an extremely endangered bird that lives along … Continue reading

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Another One in the Books

It is always great to add another species to my archives, but it is especially amazing when it is an extremely endangered species! The Least Tern is a small bird that lives on the coast. There is estimated to be … Continue reading

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Simple Click

This photo was taken last Tuesday just before a camera club meeting. The clouds had amazing depth to them, and just screamed, “Photograph Me!” This shot is fairly simple. Straight out of the camera + Silver Efex Pro 2 B&W … Continue reading

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Tarrywile Tree Swallows

I ran over to Tarrywile yesterday to shoot some footage for my upcoming video presentation for the camera club I belong to. I was a little late, as the birds have already settled down and started nesting. It is not … Continue reading

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Candlewood Lake Birding

We put our boat in the water yesterday evening, which afforded me some time birding the shores of Candlewood Lake near the Danbury Town Park. There were numerous Ring-billed Gulls as well as Canada Geese. A Baltimore Oriole called from … Continue reading

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After the Rain Falls….

…..And the sun comes out, everything just glistens, and as a photographer, it is my job to capture this natural beauty. The sun adds drama to the image that could not be seen in the same image if it were … Continue reading

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My Post Processing Thought Process

I am lucky enough to own one of the best plug-in collections, Nik Software. It helps me bring my photography to the next level in Photoshop CS5. Below is a step by step process that illustrates how I edit a … Continue reading

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Delkin SensorScope Kit 2

Do you have dust on your DSLR camera sensor? I know I had a ton of it and I was tired of removing all of the dust “bunnies” in photoshop. I ordered myself a Delkin SensorScope Kit 2 from B&H … Continue reading

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In Between Downpours….

In between downpours, I went outside to try and photograph my hummingbirds. They were driving me crazy, as I hadn’t gotten a shot of them all year! It was pretty slow, with only one bird showing up, but it only … Continue reading

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What Those Antlers Will Become

I took a hike in my woods in search of some cool landscapes. I thought I got some cool shots, but they didn’t come out well on the computer. I was caught off guard when this young male White-tailed Deer … Continue reading

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