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Puffball in the Sand

While photographing the Terns at Sandy Point, I came across a family of Piping Plovers. The chicks are so tiny! They are so funny when they dart around the sand. It really created a challenge in photographing them. In this … Continue reading

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Terns in Flight

I got to spend another great day photographing endangered Terns, except this time the day was spent at Sandy Point in West Haven, CT. The Tern colony is thriving there, with over 300 Least Terns and over 100 Common Terns. … Continue reading

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A Day On the Boat…..

…..Didn’t reveal much, but our mooring spot was hopping with birds. What I locked onto were the Northern Rough-winged Swallows that were perching on the railings on the dock. They allowed for a close approach, which allowed me to get … Continue reading

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The Corvette

Today was the Candlewood Valleys 30th Anniversary photo shoot. They had 26 Corvettes, ranging from the old Stingray to the new Z06’s, line-up on the runway of the Danbury Airport to create the number 30. It was a pretty cool … Continue reading

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Hummingbird Itch

For the last couple of weeks now, I have been itching to photograph Hummingbirds, but school, baseball, and various other things have gotten in the way. Now that school is over and baseball is winding down, I will finally have … Continue reading

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Telling the Age Old Story

In the backyard of one of my Dad’s friends house lies the remains two run-down Oldsmobiles. On a recent visit there, I took the opportunity to photograph these cars. They have some amazing texture, as rust has unfortunately taken over … Continue reading

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Simple Click – Thunderhead

I created this image from my boat on Candlewood Lake. The thunderheads were building rapidly, so the view changed every couple of minutes. I got a few shots that I liked, but they didn’t work in color, so I switched … Continue reading

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My Sought After Stearman

My family and I went on our boat today, and I was rewarded with this Stearman. Ever since I saw a photograph of this magnificent plane on my idol, Moose Peterson, blog. The Stearman is an open cockpit biplane. There … Continue reading

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Finishing Touches to HDR Images in CS5

HDR images are a lot of fun to take and even more fun to process in post. Many photographers carry the assumption that the images are done once they come out of the HDR Software. That is not the case, … Continue reading

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Nature Photography Day

Today, (June 15th,) was Nature Photography Day so I thought I would take a ride down to one of my local swamps to see what I could get. To say the least, it was pretty slow. Most birds are nesting … Continue reading

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