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Post-Hurricane Bird Photography

After Hurricane Irene passed through, I had been itching to get down to the coast to see what kind of birds blew in. I was finally able to go down to Milford Point yesterday afternoon. I had a cloudless sky … Continue reading

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Hurricane Irene: Nature At Its Most Powerful State

With Hurricane Irene powering up the east coast, many people, and animals will feel the effects from this massive and dangerous storm. It will, without a doubt, cause major flooding and power outages. With storm surges predicted to be very … Continue reading

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Nature’s Best Photography Students

I have recently been approved as one of the bloggers for the Nature’s Best Photography Students Website. It is truly an honor, as the other photographers that post there have outstanding work! I look forward to being able to share … Continue reading

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Recording Basic Biology

Recording basic biology is a key factor to my photography. Whether that be birds feeding, or flies mating as depicted in the photo above. For example, birds on simple perches are what I like to call “pretty photographs”, but when … Continue reading

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Creating Visual Depth

Nothing is worse than capturing an image and having it look two dimensional on the computer. Landscapes should pop off the screen and make the viewer fell like they are standing right there. Well, how do you make an image … Continue reading

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Go Wide With Your Long Glass

As a bird photographer, my main goal is to capture full-frame, detailed images of whatever subject I may be pointing my lens at. However, close-up photographs do not always tell the story as effectively as they would if you included … Continue reading

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2 Good Images and Pocketfuls of Sand

I took a trip down to Milford Point in hopes of getting some good shorebird images. I arrived there at around 5:30, with good feelings about the light. I got onto the beach and had 20 minutes of sun before … Continue reading

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I Couldn’t Resist….

…. Posting some more shots of this beautiful plane. There is a shot at every angle!

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Timing is Everything

As we were driving past the airport today, I noticed the Stearman, as well as the AT-6 Texan were sitting outside of their hangar. We drove into the parking lot and were invited onto the tarmac by the pilot of … Continue reading

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Sand Crawler

I had pretty much nothing to do while it rained the past few days. I usually get to thinking new photo set-ups or new tools that I can make. I was going through some of my shorebird images and was … Continue reading

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