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Akwesasne vs. Danbury

The Danbury whalers took on the Akwesasne Warriors, and did they play good! The Whalers won the game 7-3. I was able to snap off a couple of shots that I really liked. Something kind of funny: I was just … Continue reading

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From 50 Degrees to Snow

Some whacky weather these days. We have record breaking temps one day and 3 inches of snow the next. The snow that fell was wet like cement, and therefore stuck to every part of the tree, which made for a … Continue reading

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Always a Joy….

… to have the camera in the hand, especially when it is 55 degrees! Just a simple click of the incredible cloud formations we had today. Enjoy the rest of the warm days we have ahead of us!

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PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver

PocketWizard just released the new Plus III Transceiver, and man does it look like a valuable tool! It sells for $139, which in my opinion is a very reasonable price for what it does. This tool is a triggering unit, … Continue reading

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Ready for Spring?

Are you ready for spring yet? I know I am! I’m beginning to go through my old shorebird files and see what worked and what didn’t work last year. My first visit to the shore was on April 3rd, and … Continue reading

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Zeroing In

One thing that always gets landscape photographers is whether to shoot wide or go in close. ┬áIt’s most tempting to shoot wide with a wide angle lens on, but it is sometimes more pleasing to go in closer and exclude … Continue reading

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Facial Expressions

Sport photography is all about facial expressions. Without them, the images fall flat. Professional hockey makes it a lot easier to capture these expressions than junior hockey, as they don’t wear full face masks. Just another thing that makes the … Continue reading

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Fever for the New

In the market of photography, there are new products released everyday. Some may be bigger than others, such as cameras and lenses. It can be hard not to want the newest and greatest things. I would love to purchase a … Continue reading

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How Do You Like the New Gallery?

You can view the new gallery by clicking here.

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LensCoat LegCoat Wraps

I just received the LensCoat LegCoat Wraps from UPS today. Upon first inspection, I was very happy with how they look and perform. The pads are not very bulky, but very padded and comfortable. The legs don’t get splayed out … Continue reading

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