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Workshop Success

I had 13 photographers attend my Shorebird Workshop yesterday evening. We were all able to make some pretty good images, despite the gale force winds and lack of birds. What birds there were, provided us incredible opportunities. When we got … Continue reading

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Sweet Honey

I did a photo shoot with a jar of honey for my Dad’s Honey Bee presentation coming up next week. I had the idea to set it up with a honey comb background. We placed the jar on a container … Continue reading

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The Wide Picture

I’m always looking for new ways to tell the story of the lives of shorebirds. They are by far my favorite critter to photograph, and also the most challenging. Sure, I like to get that tight, full frame image of … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Boot

I have always said that the photographers clothing is just as important as the gear he carries. The most important piece of clothing for nature photographers in my eyes is the boot/shoe. I just bought the Magnum Precision Ultra Lite … Continue reading

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On The Defense

Continuing with the Tarrywile Tree Swallows. Once I had the profile shot, I looked for unique poses that helped tell the story of their everyday lives. Now, to get these shots you need to be close and have a comfortable … Continue reading

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Acrobats and a Talon Fist

The title pretty much sums up my trip to Tarrywile Park this evening. I arrived at the park and noticed a Red-tailed Hawk perched atop a nesting box. As I approached, it picked up one of its feet and balled … Continue reading

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What Will We Be Discussing?

What do I have on the agenda to cover on my Shorebird Photography Workshop? A heck of a lot! I’m going to cover approach techniques, simple biology knowledge, lighting, catchlights, capturing behavior, exposing the birds correctly, and much much more. … Continue reading

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Bleeding Hearts

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What an Evening!

I took a trip down to Milford Point yesterday evening to freshen up on my skills for my Shorebird Photography Workshop coming up in 2 weeks. The tide and sunset coincided perfectly. When you are photographing shorebirds you want to … Continue reading

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Grumman TBM Avenger

I was able to get over to the Airport today to go see the Grumman TBM Avenger they have hangared there. It is a magnificent plane that is awesome to look at! They are waiting to get the engine inspected … Continue reading

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