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More From Milford Point

There weren’t just American Oystercatchers at Milford Point! This Semipalmated Plover put on a good show as it posed in front of a stand of salt marsh grass that is reflected in the water. The colors of the water create … Continue reading

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Going Back to the Roots

I have been doing a ton of aviation photography lately, so I decided to go down to Milford Point and get back to my roots in bird photography. My target bird was this American Oystercatcher chick, which as you can … Continue reading

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Barred Owl Again

This time my Mom spotted it fly into the woods. I went out to try and relocate it and he/she flew right above my head into this tree. It just sat up there watching me and all the birds around … Continue reading

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My 3rd Ride in the Pitts!

As the number climbs, it just keeps getting more and more fun! This time I flew in a Pitts S-2B, which is one model down from the S-2C that I flew in the last two times. The plane has a … Continue reading

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One HUGE Pano

One of the pilots at Danbury Airport asked me to photograph his two planes together. The plane on the left is a Pitts S-1S and the one on the right is a Glasair, which is also the plane that I … Continue reading

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My 2nd Ride in the Pitts

I went for my second ride in the Pitts S-2C out of Danbury Airport and this ride was by far the best and most exciting thing I have done in a long time! We hit a max positive G of … Continue reading

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A Lucky Find!

I was taking a break from my web design and I went to look out the window and right as I did that, a large bird with the wing and body shape of an owl swooped by. I ran for … Continue reading

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Warriors, Wings, & Wheels Show Panorama

I attended the Warriors, Wings, & Wheels show hosted by the Candlewood Valley Corvette Club yesterday. It was a nice change to get out and shoot, because I have been sitting behind my computer for the last couple of days … Continue reading

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It’s All About the Fun

This image pretty much sums up this saying. The kid in the front seat of the plane has a GIANT smile on his face. Now you can picture my face when I came out of the Pitts! The airport is … Continue reading

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Macro Lens Magic

My favorite lens in my arsenal has to be the Nikkor 105mm Micro f/2.8 VR. It is wicked sharp from f/2.8-f/22. Add in the good feel of the lens and you have a winning piece of gear! I was able … Continue reading

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