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Astronomical Tides!

If you are looking for some good shorebird photography, the time is this coming Friday. On August 31st, the Moon will be full which means the tides will be at their greatest and lowest point. In my opinion, Milford Point … Continue reading

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Para Surfing

I went down to Milford Point in search of shorebirds to photograph, but they were very skittish. Right as I was about to walk back to the car, these Para Surfers came into the marsh. Once they saw me with … Continue reading

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Get Your Honey Here!

As many of you may know, my Dad is a beekeeper. We were able to get a lot of honey from the hives this year to our excitement! You can purchase a 1 lb. jar of our fresh honey for … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Goal of a Macro Image

The ultimate goal for a macro image for me is to bring you into the life of small critters. For example, people don’t often get close to bees such as this Honey Bee and because of that they don’t get … Continue reading

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Sitting Down on the Job

The title pretty much describes the picture to a T. These are Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, juveniles I believe. There was two of them that were feeding at the Rose of Sharon tree. They wouldn’t feed at the same time, but when … Continue reading

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Kata Report-It 20

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How Do You Like the New Website?

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Which Speedlight?

I own two different speed lights, the Nikon SB-900 & Nikon SB-800. The SB-900 is supposed to be a higher end flash, but it is not the best one I own in my opinion. I regularly carry the SB-800 in … Continue reading

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Looking for the Ride of Your Life?

If you are looking for a thrill ride, check these guys out! I have gone up in the air with S2C LLC in their immaculate Pitts S-2C twice now and the ride is amazing. Their motto holds true, as it … Continue reading

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A Cotton Candy Sunset

My family and I spent the evening on the lake yesterday, and when the clouds started rolling in, I knew the sunset was going to be something spectacular. This was taken around 7:40. The sun hadn’t fully dipped below the … Continue reading

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