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The Little Ovenbird That Could ….

… survive sub-zero temps, multiple snowfalls, and a lack of insects which make up its normal diet. I’m not sure how it is surviving the cold, as it should only be as far north as Florida right now. I was … Continue reading

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Unfortunate Circumstances

My Dad and I were just getting ready to leave the camera club after a photo shoot night when I overheard a guy on the phone talking about a plane crash. I checked the NewsTimes app and sure enough, one … Continue reading

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Muscle Memory

I have talked about panning numerous times on the blog. It is something that is essential to my style of photography, and is a technique that requires constant practice. Panning isn’t really a skill, but rather a muscle memory. The … Continue reading

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Post Processing in Under 2 Minutes

I like to be in and out of Photoshop as quickly as possible. This ensures I have an efficient workflow and have time left to get back behind the camera! I try and get the image as close to perfect … Continue reading

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A Birdy Day

We had off from school today due to the snow, so it gave me the chance to work on getting some bird photographs. Believe it or not, the most plentiful birds today were the Common Redpolls and the Ovenbird! Here … Continue reading

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It’s All in the Angle

Today was supposed to hold an Air2Air mission, but unfortunately the fog kept us grounded. I did a few shots of the Citation Jet that is hangared in the new Westconn Aviation hangar. I shot it from two different angles. … Continue reading

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Simple Click

Common Redpoll in the rain.

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A Not so Common, Common Redpoll

Common Redpolls have irrupted from the north this year, and have begun to show up in big numbers. I had 4 at my backyard feeders yesterday, and one teed up right in front of my dining room window. Unfortunately, I … Continue reading

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What a Start to 2013!

An Ovenbird showed up in my yard this afternoon! The normal winter range for this bird extends as far East as Florida, so this bird is way out of place! A great sight to see though!

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