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A New Breed of DX

Nikon recently released its newest DX camera body called the Nikon D7100. It is the upgrade to the Nikon D7000, but in my opinion, it is a whole new breed of DX bodies. The general size and weight is about … Continue reading

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Portraying a Feeling

As a photographer, it is my job to bring the scene, and all of the feelings that go with it in real life, to the viewer of the image. It is a mixture of composition, light use, and post processing. … Continue reading

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Odds & Ends

Here is a quick video of the Barred Owl looking around. The lighting is pretty poor. I am still working on my video skills!

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More Owl Photos

As promised, here are a few more Bared Owl photos from the time this guy was in my yard. The image above shows the Owl blinking. The blueish color you see over its eyes is the nictating membrane which protects … Continue reading

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Seeing the Future

This past Sunday I had jokingly exclaimed that there was an Owl just outside the window just to see the reaction I could get out of the family. Well, I guess my “joke” turned out to be reality today because … Continue reading

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The Sweet Spot

Every lens out there has a sweet spot, which refers to the aperture at which the lens produces the sharpest image. It is all about finding that sweet spot and applying it. The sweet spot of the Nikkor 70-300mm which … Continue reading

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The First Blizzard Bird

Well the first unusual bird of the storm has showed up! That being a Hermit Thrush, which actually went up on the feeder to get some seed. The Ovenbird showed up shortly after. Hopefully these guys make it through the … Continue reading

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