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Speedy Panning

I am always looking for panning practice, since it is one of my essential skills for my style of aviation photography. My little brother Colin was part of a 2.75 hour team race at OnTrack Karting in Brookfield last night. … Continue reading

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Hoodman Hood Loupe 3.0 for Sale

I am selling my nearly new Hoodman Hood Loupe 3.0 for 3″ LCD screens. I haven’t used this piece more than twice, simply because I haven’t found a use for it in my camera bag. It goes for $80 brand … Continue reading

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Wild Clouds

Every once in a while we will get a storm that just brushes us, and it creates these wild looking clouds. With all of the twist and turns in them, it gives a sense of power and high winds. We … Continue reading

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Quite the Afternoon

After enjoying a few rays of sun on Candlewood Lake today, my family and I headed back into the dock, but didn’t go far until we saw this boat on fire on the shore. We got to the scene a … Continue reading

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Life Is All About Those Lessons & Experiences

When I heard that the Ford Tri-motor was at the airport giving rides, I knew I had to go photograph it. It isn’t often you get to see a 1929 bird! Unfortunately, the only time I was able to get … Continue reading

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All I Can Say is WOW!

Just when you think Apple can’t do anymore, they announce a new, revolutionary product. Along with a myriad of other new products, Apple released the specs on their new Mac Pro, and man does it look sweet! As they put … Continue reading

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Make it Mean Looking

With aviation photography, it is all about the feeling the viewer gets about the plane that really tells whether or not you have told the story correctly. The Pitts S-2C is one aggressive plane. I have been fortunate enough to … Continue reading

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Blazing Quick!

I have been doing a lot of large processing jobs lately, where I have to process hundreds of images for a fairly quick turnaround. I previously had 4GB of RAM memory in my machine, and I was seeing that that … Continue reading

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The Sky King

This is a 1951 HU-16A Albatross pictured at Sunday’s Fly-In. This is one beast of a plane, and dwarfed all of the other aircraft that were out on the ramp. With some interesting clouds, I was able to get some … Continue reading

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Bear on Main Street

As many of you may know, my Dad is a Captain in the Danbury Fire Department. A joke amongst his crew and our family is the Billy call, which is basically the very odd emergency calls that he is accustomed … Continue reading

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