It’s All in the Sublety’s

I finished up processing the photos from my shoot yesterday and really enjoy the ones that did make it to the digital darkroom. Now, those cloudy skies were great for enhancing the fall colors, but absolutely sucked for a good landscape image. It required some work in CS5. Just for starters, here is the original unoptimized file:

Now, as you can see the original is pretty dull. I called up Nik Software’s CEP4 and Viveza 2, and oh what a difference! Although it is subtle, it is a game changer. I brightened up the tree line and added some structure and saturation using Viveza 2. I ran a small amount of tonal contrast using CEP4, and tried out a new filter, the fall foliage enhancer. The changes were subtle yet again, but boy are they nice! I would like to tell you to focus in on those subtle changes in your own work. It’s always great if you can be quick in the digital darkroom. That means you are on your game at the point of capture.

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