Stonehendge Waterfall

The morning of the big snowstorm, I went to the waterfall near Stonehendge in Ridgefield, CT. with my Grandpa. I had a blast and recorded some nice images. I love photographing moving water, as there is just so many possibilities! A few tips that are incredibly useful: Shoot on a tripod, use a remote shutter release or the camera’s self timer, and make sure you are on steady ground so you don’t slide into the water! Both of these images were converted to B&W in Nik Silver Efex Pro 2. This program is probably my favorite plug-in, as it is just so easy and effective to use.

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  1. Mrs. G. says:

    I’ve been out of the loop lately and haven’t been checking in to see your pics… looks like you’ve been busy though… once again making beautiful pictures. I especially love the ones of Stonehenge as that is where the first 5 years of my life were spent and I have photographed this waterfall a couple times as well. Haven’t been there in quite awhile though… next time I need a place to shoot and have a few extra minutes on my hands, I’m going to head over there. Your pics, once again, are an inspiration for me to go someplace different. – Hope to see you tonight.. wonder which of these will be my competition. The Robin picture is awesome… great nature shot…

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