A Weekend in Hockey

With Whalers games on both Friday and Saturday night, I was pretty busy with taking and editing pictures. I finally found some time to post a couple of my favorites from the weekend.

Both of these are definitely one of my favorites I have taken. They both have a certain character that I look for in my hockey shots. I also had the challenge of doing the team picture. It came out pretty good, considering it was my first large group photograph. It probably wasn’t the best idea to go in with no experience, but hey, pressure shapes the photographer!

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2 Responses to A Weekend in Hockey

  1. Danny says:

    Great shots Joey! I really like the first one because of all the detail. Also, I think you did a superb job on the group photo.

  2. joey says:

    Thanks Danny! The first is my favorite as well. I was pretty happy with the way the team shot came out. I went onto the ice knowing I had to make the shot using a few different methods so if one shot didn’t work, I would have a back-up. Luckily this one came out good!

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