A Great Trip

The reason why there was no activity on the blog for the past week was because the family and I were in Folly Beach, SC! What an awesome place it was, and made for a great vacation. I got tons of unique images, with my favorite, and target shot for the trip, shown above. This shot was a tough one to get. I rode the bike just over 32 miles to make it happen! More on this story in later blog posts!

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2 Responses to A Great Trip

  1. Mrs. G. says:

    THIS IS SPECTACULAR!!!! love how the shape of the tree blends in with the shape of the clouds.. how on the right it is as if that tiny branch is holding up the cloud and the left appears as if the cloud is part of the tree.. wonder what it would look like in B&W

  2. joey says:

    Per your suggestion, I did up a different angle in B&W and it looks very good! Thanks for the suggestion!

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