Back From a Great Trip!

I’m back from a great trip to Folly Beach, SC. It’s always great going to a place you know, as the lay of the land is familiar to you. I knew what I wanted to do to improve upon the shots I had gotten the previous years. I am pretty satisfied with how the new images turned out, with one of my favorites being this shot of the pier. The sunrise didn’t yield any spectacular colors, but as the sun rose above the cloud bank on the horizon, it lit up the clouds that were above the pier. With a neutral density filter on the lens, I shot away, trying to get the perfect water streaks. What I’m looking for is the water to come straight towards the camera, with the foam creating the streaks in the image. It makes it seem as if the water is flowing right into the viewer’s lap, and puts the viewer into the scene. There will be more images and videos to come so stay tuned!

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