Progression of the Shot

The infamous dead tree on Folly … It is an iconic subject for many photographers. Based upon the tides while we were on Folly, Sunday morning (July 20th) was going to be the best conditions for the shot I was after. I didn’t get what I wanted last year, and knew what I wanted to do to fix it this year. I got 2 cracks at the shot this year (one at sunrise and one at sunset), and the one at sunrise panned out. I wish the tide was a bit higher so that the water could have been lapping up against the tree, but mother nature rules! This image was taken about 10 minutes after the sun had risen. The sun had that early morning glow, and lit up the great clouds in the distance as well as bringing out texture in the tree. I was flat on the ground for this shot, shooting with the Nikon D7000 and Nikkor 12-24mm f/4. Besides the water, or lack thereof, I’m really happy with the way this came out.

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