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The Collings Foundation will be bringing their P-51C Mustang, B-24 Liberator, & B-17 Flying Fortress to Waterbury-Oxford Airport on September 6-8. The aircraft will be on the ramp at Keystone Aviation, which is on the west side of the airfield. It is a great time to see and photograph these gorgeous machines. The P-51 regularly flies throughout the day, and the B-17 & B-24 fly during the morning and evening hours. Even getting to see them on the ground is worth the price of admission. Other notable aircraft I have seen on the field are a C-47 and Howard DGA15. The photo at the top of this post is still one of my favorite P-51 pictures, as it has a sort of nostalgic look to it.

Another warbird viewing opportunity for you here. EAA’s B-17 will roll into Waterbury-Oxford Airport October 4-6th. This is another pretty bird, and makes for great photographs if you catch her on takeoff/landing or without many people around here (which can be tough.) You can view all of the information on the visit by clicking here.

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  1. Mrs. G. says:

    You never cease to amaze me… I want to be like you when I grow up. I’m very impressed… and going to follow your lead…
    I’m so glad I met up with you…. you have been such an inspiration. Thank you!

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